Lupin Lane

A sorta Summer day with the temperatures getting up to 20 c and The Boss always sensitive to my needs…heh heh heh… decided an after Grub walk would be better and cooler for me. I suspect this has more to do with Male Malaise and reluctance to put his book down than concern for my health. There is a lot of water out there and I kno what to do with it….Actually I guess he is probably effected by PPP (Post Party poop) which has nothing to do with …..Oh never mind.
Light is wonderful stuff and evening stuff is different to morning stuff so I was confident that The Boss was looking in different directions and would miss me doubling bark to a very interesting trailer full of fishing gear. OH errr actually NO he didn’t. Oh. Well it was fun while it lasted but heal training is such a bore!!!
large Lupins

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