Yesterday's graduated colours is today's carpet of colour.

The boys had been through first thing with their big sucky things, but autumn continues earthwards helped on by the warmest of breezes.

Today restructuring landed in our realm again. We'll hear an announcement next Tuesday that could have implications for us. The samll hiatus of calm is coming to an end. But enough of that. Next week and the week after will take care of themselves and there are many moments to be lived in the here and now, savored and enjoyed.

I finished early enough today for my little window man to visit. My windows sparkle inside and out, high and low. Combined with my haircut I have personally controlled the weather dial. It shall now rain, blow and turn cold ;-)

I'm enjoying my challenge of blipping autumn. Something visually lovely happens in my head, meets up with words and dances. Maybe it's because I was house bound this time last year. I don't know but we're being treated to a spectacular autumn.

Thank you for the many comments and favourites yesterday. Thank you too for being one of the 100,000 plus who have viewed my journal. Yes, I passed that milestone overnight.

That deserves another glass of Pinot Noir to celebrate :-)

(And yes, my shorts got a bit dirty taking this shot ;-)

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