A Walk Through Deb's Life

By debsthoughts

Standing Guard

Parents are always watching out for their young. Children are oblivious to this fact and just go about their business: snacking, scratching, chatting. When my youngest daughter had her first child nearly six months ago, she and her husband were both astounded by the immense responsibility they felt for this tiny baby. I still remember that feeling of overwhelming responsibility. I knew I would lay down in front of train to save my child. I would jump in front of a bus. I would pick up that bus if my child was under it. It's a phenomenal thing, that responsibility.

Apparently there is this method of raising children called Attachment Parenting. Have you heard of it? I've been out of the child-rearing years for quite some time now, so I don't know exactly when it was named. It's where parents hold their babies and rarely put them down. It's where babies sleep with their parents and are not placed in their cribs to 'cry it out.' And a whole slew of other things.

So this attachment parenting thing...it's not really new. It's old. Ancient. Retro. Because that's exactly what I did with mine, and generations before me. Not because I read it in a book or tried to follow the latest trend, I did it because it felt right to me and I ignored all the advice of others. They turned out alright too. They are responsible and more or less balanced human beings. That's really all we can hope for I think. So, parents of small children, take heed - just do what feels natural and stop worrying that your toddlers don't like being alone in their big beds.

I'm sure glad that's all behind me. And I'm glad I never had to jump in front of that bus to save them. Whereas, these babies will be lucky to make it to adulthood. In fact, I'm surprised they've made it this long.

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