Blip ME please!

Beautiful day today with sunshine and blue skies...finally! I had several choices for my blip, but this doe looked like she was begging for blip honors, and I couldn't resist her sweet face. Anyway, it has been a long time since I have posted a picture of a deer, which brings up Rascaletta. For those Blippers who enjoyed the pictures I posted of her throughout the winter, I'm sad to say we haven't seen her, and we haven't any idea what happened. With the help of a lot of people who brought her corn and apples, she made it through the winter, but then she disappeared. It makes us all sort of sad. Deer are beautiful animals, especially appealing when they are young, but still they are wild animals, not pets. They are just hard to resist, as today's blip proves.

Baby ducks and birds (especially yellow ones) are hard to resist too. I captured some pictures of them today too. They are in my smugmug gallery, if you want to take a look.

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