The Pensioner

By Pensioner


So, swallowing hard, locked up the Ouzel and paddled ashore and tied up the ouzelet and stepped off to get the bus from the Post Office at Arisaig. Got out the bus at Haymarket and walked up Dalry Road, enjoying the sunshine, past coffin lane (above). How about that for depth of focus, eh? It's slim, I'll tell yer. You might struggle to find it at all. I resisted the temptation to head up the lane to the Diggers to bore the throng with inflated sea stories - that'll come later!
Later took in When You're Strange, a new documentary about the Doors. Pretty uncritical, and with an amusing superficial gloss about the 60s to give it some context (yep, Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, Vietnam, uncovered breasts, that was about it) but what stonking music. Yeee haa!

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