Today was supposed to be the day when he got his first set of injection-delivered immune enhancements, though it turned out that he's not to get them until the neonatal unit are completely happy with his bloods rather than just getting them when it's not going to interfere with the readings. The doctor gave him a quick palpate and opthalmoscopy instead and will apparently get some sort of referral thing going to get what looks and feels to be nothing more than an early-onset sebaceous cyst behind his left ear checked out. We were expecting the journey through to Ayr to be slightly enfraughtened by screeching if the injection process had proven to not be one of which the wingpiglet approves but apart from an understandable little gripe whilst passing Sighthill he was peaceful the whole way through. His cousins were still up and about when we arrived and the youngest two still seemed rather too keen to ostentatiously pat him on the top of the head in the same way that they might pat a cat or dog atop the head, though I was pleased to note that the youngest soon started stopping and glancing across to check that I was watching before patting him harmlessly on the arm.

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