Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

Custard Cream

As I woke and peered, bleary eyed, at my phone from the comfort of my bed, I read an e-mail message from my mate Copey, who had sent me her mobile phone number! "Very nice, but wonder why" I thought, then got up, took the Wonderspouse to the bus, and started my strict exercise regime with a half hour brisk walk!

Once I got home and opened the computer, I discovered why. She'd written me a facebook note to say she was on holiday near me and was I up for meeting? So I sent her a text saying "Are you awake? If so, I'll give you a ring"!

She was awake, and was, indeed, just up the road. So I told her (and Mr Copey) to show up whenever they fancied. They arrived mid-afternoon and we spent the afternoon nattering & catching up & introducing Smudge & finally going into town to get armfuls of pizza & garlic bread, which the Wonderspouse cooked for us all!

After a very jolly supper (during which the Wonderspouse was distinctly in the minority, owing to not having a Northern accent (mine gets stronger when I'm with other Northerners)), Copey & Mr Copey departed for the North! It was fabulous to see them - must get myself North and catch up again soon!

Copey brought me the most fabulous visiting pressie - a giant Custard Cream biscuit tin FULL OF CUSTARD CREAMS! (Excitement here, since they're one of my fave biccies). It measures about 30 cm in length, and is a jolly faithful reproduction of the biscuit itself! I LOVE IT!!!!

Somewhat ironic that I've just started a food diary! But I did go for a good walk in the morning, so I think I might be allowed one or two! ;-)

*reaches for biscuit tin*

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