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Black Swan Family - Welcome!

Welcome to the Black Swan family!!

Mum and I were in our spot at 8.20am, an early start for us and not much housework done as we didn't leave till 10am.
During this time we discovered the last egg had disappeared, what happened to it we can only guess but there are 5 very healthy little cygnets. One parent called to the other, both parents were in the water and gently called and encouraged the cygnets to join them - it took alot of courage but theres always a leader and an adventurous one.  With a slip and slide one was in the water on its back, whoops we thought but all was fine, a gentle nudge from a parent and it had flipped itself over. The parent taught it to drink the water while the others did the slip, slide and into the water. They loved swimming round in a very very small environment, the nest was just there and both parents were just there. After a swim a parent called them back to the nest.  It was funny watching them struggle up into the nest, some didn't make it the first time but were better the second.  Quite a morning!

I took many photos and was very disappointed with them when I got home.  It started out cloudy then the sun was so bright on them, I tried different settings and really mucked it up. It was also hard as the lens wanted to focus on the willows instead of the cygnets, it was differcult.

Daughter E came home from school and we decided to go have another look.
The family were enjoying the late afternoon sun on the other side of the lake. Again we watched and took many photos.  As the temperature dropped Mum and Dad lead the cygnets back to the nest.  I got some good photos this time.

Mum, Daughter E and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this little family and will be keeping a little eye on them to watch their progress.

Thats been my day - quite a day to :)

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