On the way home this morning I stopped before getting to the East Link toll bridge and went for a blip wander. One of the turns off the roundabout there goes to the Great South Wall; another runs parallel to the East Link road and provides access to the marina I sometimes stop off at.

I half thought of walking to the South Wall, but gave up after a bit, not at all enjoying being on foot around the industrial backwaters of Dublin Port. It's just as well I poked the lens through a fence early on when I spotted this pair of tankers, since I'd fallen into the forgot-to-bring-a-spare-battery trap once again and was getting the low battery warning after no time at all. It had clouded over by the time I got home, and even though the cloud cleared later on and it turned into a really pleasant afternoon and evening, I resisted temptation, kept my head down, and got some work done.

I'm not too disappointed, really. After what I thought had been a bit of a rash of seaside blips, I rather liked the idea of adding a bit of industrial shapes into the Blip mix.

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