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If you wait for Blip, it will come

Sometimes blip is a hateful thing, I have just spent the last half hour writing the text for todays blip only for it all to disappear when I hit the preview button.

So I will try again to recite the story but it will not be as good as it was as I simply do not have enough life to waste typing the same thing over again.

So this is somewhat how it went....

I had one of those days when everything I saw to blip failed.

The roses in the bin at work that were too dark to come out on my camera phone. The unexpected signal delay on the train was positioned so that the sun was directly behind a fake tree (I think it was a phone mast) blinding the photo.

But my new approach to blip is to not worry and wait for the next blip to come my way and generally they always do, just like tonight.

So I got home from work and the children were in manic form, probably because Granny and Grandpa have gone home so things are a bit different. The toddler in particular, was on one.

When it came to her bath and bedtime she stated "NO THANKYOU". She did however go upstairs and start charging around her room. Calmly I asked her to get undressed and ready for her bath and her loud reply was "NO THANKYOU DADDY".

I was tired from work and was not going to argue so I went to shut her curtains, she charged over and shouted "NO THANKYOU DADDY" as she re-opened them. So I wandered into another room in the hope that she would calm down.

Eventually she wandered in and sat next to me. I took her socks off and she then yelled "NO THANKYOU DADDY". We had a polite debate and I removed her shorts at which point she screamed "NO THANKYOU, NO THANKYOU, NO THANKYOU" and snatched them back off me.

I decided to sit there and leave her to it as she then tried and tried to put the shorts back on, but kept putting her legs in the same leg hole, I hid my giggles so as not to upset her and eventually she got it right. Then her mother came in and she happily undressed on request and wandered off for a bath.

She had a good play with her bath letters then got out, put her PJs on and went to her room. We then read Mr Mischief and she climbed into bed.

I gave her a cuddle and as I got to her bedroom door I said "Night Night, try and go to sleep"

She replied calmly and quietly "No Thankyou Daddy"

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