Misty Morning

This was to be a designated day of rest and recuperation for us with no assemblers, handymen, deliveries or anything else that could have ordained that we stay in the Dower House and get stressed.
It didn't actually work out as planned.

It started off on the right track with his Lordship having an early breakfast on the patio and looking at the world through a morning mist that heralded sun later on, while I did a circuit of the property with my camera.
After that it went a bit down hill.

Make a list his Lordship said, so I did and we accomplished many things on it with speed and alacrity before he decided to to go to the storage unit and reclaim 2 very heavy boxes of books and some pictures.
Not for nothing does he do his 20 press ups every morning, he likes to think of himself as an older version of Hercules.

Before this morning the Dower House was beginning to look rather nice, and although the advent of the books had newly assembled bookcases to house them, the pictures had no designated walls and therefore now lie in piles awaiting their fate and making our little palace a tad untidy again.

I was horrified to see all the boxes of extraneous stuff in the storage unit that I had conveniently forgotten about. I feel it in my bones that most of it will grace the charity shop.
Have I mentioned that the staff are practically on first name terms with us?
Sometimes I feel we have furnished a large majority of student bedsits single handed.

The afternoon improved eventually and we could again sit on the patio with a glass of wine.
This Indian Summer is a wonderful bonus.

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