Skip's Blips

By Skip

Oh no, not again!

Winters can be pretty cold and nasty here on the north coast of Ohio, and for the past two winters at least one doe in our park has given birth very late in the summer. Cold weather arrives soon on the heels of the little ones, the greenery in the park turns brown, and the food for the deer becomes more and more scarce. Two years ago our group of regular walkers carried food into the park and nurtured a tiny deer we called Rascal . Last winter we did the same for Rascaletta aka Buckwheat (Bob's name for it), another tiny fawn. If you followed my journal during those winters, you may remember the pictures I posted of Rascal and Rascaletta. Both of them survived the cold and snowy winters, I'm happy to report.

Today in the park, we spotted two young ones, still covered with white spots. I captured this blip of one of them. The other was nearby, but the mother was nowhere in sight. I wonder if these two tiny ones will make it through the winter? History seems to be repeating itself.

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