Our Trick

I probably should have uploaded this one of BJ & Stephen since I actually took it, but I thought the ones of my sister and me were more entertaining.
Catherine and I have this thing that we do when someone takes photos of us.. side-by-side. I first noticed this trick (that she started, by the way) when we went to Branson, MO to pick up Evie from kamp (yes, Kanakuk) two years ago. We were taking black and white photo booth photos of ourselves when I noticed that my head was unproportionally larger than hers was in every photo because she would stick my head in a closer plane to the lens so she would look smaller. BRILLIANT idea.

So last night (I'm backblipping), as BJ had my camera to snap photos of us, we were scooting our chairs back as far as we could while trying to shove each other's head closer to the camera. It was hysterical. I won.
It's tricky... you've got to make sure your head is further back than the other person's while also minimizing your double chin. Yes, I hope that running/walking 5 miles a day will also help lessen the obviousness of my double chin, but hey, get off me.

Dinner at Lili's Bistro on Magnolia. 'Twas fantastic. The wine, especially. Well, the company especially. I loved hanging out with my sister this weekend, I wish it could have been for longer. Love you, Catherine.

I almost can't believe that you can find pineapple-sized pineapples in Sudan. Srsly! Pineapples! As big as pineapples! That's ridonk.

(5 things:
1. An extremely entertaining dinner
2. Rain on a Saturday.. curled up with blankets, textbooks, coffee, tea
3. Watching Project Runway for most of the morning with Catherine
4. Falling asleep on my couch while we were watching the Jerk
5. Having a girls' sleepover with Cat and BJ)

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