Red Moon

As I was just googling "Red Moon", I came across the wikipedia article "Super Harvest Moon"... apparently I'm a month late. I don't remember last month if I was trying to blip the moon on September 23rd.
This is not a Super Harvest Moon and I'm a little too tired to go back to that page and look to see what it was.

So here are my 5 things because I want to go to bed:
1. Studied. Maybe it was productive after all.. I listened to the review on my iTouch while I was running and I knew most of the material.
2. Hanging out with friends while studying. BJ spent the night and we studied before noon. Leah, Brighton, and Shane came over around 1 and we studied until 6:30.
3. My longest run/walk on the treadmill thus far - 9km. 5.5miles. Huzzah. I'm working on my stamina. I feel good. I want to start supplementing my running with CoreFusion dvds to get some tone to this temple of a body of mine.
4. I'm happy I got to say goodbye to my beautiful nieces. Though I'm sad they're gone.
5. I am actually happy that the Rangers won last night. And it sounds like there's not a team from the Northeast in the World Series this year. Sorry, Phillies!

P.S. A huge, heartfelt thank you to everyone for commenting on my 730th entry the other day (and on my primate photo from Friday too!) - this is the best community. Ever.
I didn't expect any sweet notes because I've been such a bad commenter for the past two years.. especially since my grad program started and I have ZERO free time for commenting. Love this site and the people that contribute. You all make it worth being here.

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