woke up feeling sick yesterday morning. my right palatine tonsil was trying to suffocate me in my sleep. great.
i couldn't help but feel that i was somehow at an advantage.. being able to feel exactly where my tonsil was sitting on top of my superior laryngeal constrictor muscle in such close proximity to my internal carotid artery... not to mention the fact that i am intimately aware of where my paranasal sinuses are draining. (nasolacrimal duct to the inferior nasal meatus, bitches!) lucky me.

i can't remember being more tired than i was this morning, waking up at 5am to study for our first neuro exam. so long. i finished it quickly - didn't pause on questions i wasn't 100% sure on. going with my gut feeling even though my brain is slowly floating away.

light, as i've mentioned many, many times before, is one of my favorite things. hence the tag, "liz's favorite things". going to try to do a week-long favorites thing to raise my spirits. i might forget by the time i wake up though. can't make any promises. this one is a bit dark.. appropriately so.

working on self control. that's my small goal for this week.

5 things:
1. finished with that damn exam.
2. not studying tonight.. except for that quiz we have tomorrow..
3. cooking vegetables for dinner - gosh, i miss cooking every night.
4. a hot shower after a long day...
5. it's 9:12pm and i am about to jump into bed and sleep sweetly.

sweet dreams, bliplandia.

EDIT: I was perusing blip tonight and happened upon an entry that spoke to me. Hopefully, the blipper doesn't mind that I'm linking to the journal. It echoes thoughts that I haven't been able to articulate myself. There are so many things holding me back. Without further ado: after the jump.

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