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Sweet Shop

We just went out locally wandering the streets of Pompey today. Toddler and Baby met up with some family at the play park. We did not tell toddler they were coming so she was very pleased to see them.

After that we went home and I popped in this shop to waste a pound on the lottery. Toddler was simply mesmerised by the sweet section. I did not realise this until the shop keeper pointed it out laughing. We do not let her eat many sweets so I can understand her amazement.

The shopkeeper was also great at trying to get her to look up for the photo though she only did so when he accidentally knocked down his lottery sign.

He was a very nice shopkeeper though I do question his business skills as he could not let toddler go without giving her a lolly for free. I was most impressed, I didnt have the heart to tell him that she does not get given lollies yet, though we may make an exception.

We will have to check with Mum first though.

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