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Double Century

Today we tried to avoid the horrible rainy weather and visited a bird and butterfly farm not to far away. It was not as bad as I was expecting though I am not sure we will be going again.

The butterflies on show flapping around us were really impressive and I got some really nice shots of them and a couple even crawled on to my hands.

However today is my 200th blip so a photo of a butterfly no matter how good is just not suitable. I did not really plan anything for this one, unlike my first century, but had an idea to involve the main sublects of the last 100 blips, the children.

Originally I was asking my wife to model for the two but to be honest she has enough to cope with without having to help with my daft photo set ups, but her feet have made it into the final shot, which is nice. Also when I gave it a bit more thought bagmans involvement seemed quite appropriate as life.turns. and my mention in the blipblog was the highlight of this past 100 blips. I have to say life.turns. would have been a lot easier with the new camera and its interval timer.

My second hundred has certainly been easier than the first, I have a much more relaxed approach to it these days and more of a plan. To be honest I expected to drop more than just two days over its course.

Thank you to everyone who has viewed, commented, favorited and subscribed to any of my blips, I really do appreciate it. Also loads and loads of thanks to anyone I have blipped especially my family. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful bunch to put up with me and my blipping.

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