Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Night gates

Another lazy, lazy day. One tiny hiccup involved a problem with the pre-print proof of one page of the job which took up so much of my time recently. This was quickly resolved, and the job has now gone to print, still on schedule.

I spent a lot of time reading Human Traces by Sebastian Faulks, one of my latest batch of 3-for-2 books. I seem to be on a different tack to some of those who've left reader comments at Amazon, many of whom enjoyed the earlier pages but then lost interest. My reaction is quite the reverse. I'm just over half way through now, and it's only in the second 2000 of those pages that I've become involved. I look forward to completing the journey.

Having spent so much time engrossed in the book, the hours of daylight passed before I realised it. Rather than blip yet another household object I decided to go for a bit of a spin (I needed petrol and groceries anyway). This time I opted for Howth and Sutton, at the north end of Dublin Bay. I explored roads which I don't remember being on before, and accidentally stumbled on the homes of some of the rich and famous (Howth has long been one of the most fashionable and expensive parts of the city). I definitely must try to find these places again when it's bright. In the mean time, this is just one of many gateways which open into the expansive grounds of these homes with their stunning views over Dublin Bay. All of them have security lighting and electronic code boxes controlling admission. Some would be more to my taste than others. All are worth an absolute fortune.

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