Ticking Away the Moments

By wiiaholic

Fiery sky

I know, bit of a similar blip to yesterday but the sunset was stunning again tonight.

Went for a walk round our village before it got too dark and cold, making sure I remembered to take my camera this time. Took lots of photos, although every time I took my gloves off, my hands got a tiny bit closer to chilblains ;o)

We walked along one of the bridlepaths which was busy with people walking their dogs and took a few photos of some ponies in a field - one of them was like a Thelwell pony, little & fat with a furry coat like a bear.

But in the end I've gone for the photo with the fiery sky, looking out across the snowy fields. It was a lovely sight and we didn't want to tear ourselves away. But as the sun went down, so did the temperature so in the end we retreated back to the warmth of our central heating (I know, doesn't sound as good as a roaring log fire, but it's a lot less hassle!)

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