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Black Swan Family

Haven't they grown??? It is very differcult to get a family portrait now as the four cygnets are often split between parents and it varies from day to day with the combination. Sometimes one parent has three cygnets while other times its two cygnets with a parent, but they are never far away from each other.

Its interesting to note the parents have moved the four cygnets back to near the nesting area where they are now in public view - perhaps there is more food with the public visiting during the Summer hours. The parents are still quite protective of the cygnets.

The cygnets were last seen here, at 2 months old. Today they are just over 3 months old. They are busy preening with the front one flexing its wing. The black colours are starting to come through and the red beak is becoming more defined. Their legs are a little shakey on land as their bodies are quite heavy - they often just spend enough time to have a little walk and to preen themselves.

If you wish to follow their story from birth, please follow the links and dates.

Early blip today as I have many unfinished jobs to complete while I have the house to myself, then it will be busy again tonight. Many thanks for your thoughtful words regarding my hayfever. I'm much better today as it seems Summer has gone 'walkabou't - hope it returns soon :)

Have a great Wednesday :)

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