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By walkingMarj

Which camera should I take with me?

I'm going walking next month and I have decided to take a compact camera with me rather than try to lug round my DLSR. Yesterday I was using my Panasonic Lumix DMC- TZ5, which has seen better days really. The lens cover is inclinded to stick and the focus is slow.

Today it's the turn of another Lumix, DMC- FZ28, which is a bigger camera. Here I have pushed it to the limits by zooming to the extreme of the digital zoom and capturing the gulls against the backlight of the featureless grey sky.
There is chromatic aberation around the edges, but it could be worse.

Perhaps I should go back to my original digital camera, the Canon Powershot S30. I remember that it was very expensive at the time and it is relatively bulky after all the credit card lookalike compacts of today.
I may try it tomorrow.

Main good news - completed my tax return online with a couple of days before the deadline. Hooray. (I always intend to do it in June, every year.........!!)

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