By rainie

A Hint of Pink.....

.....thats all there is today from this rose. Ballerina is her name, quite a lolly pink is how I would describe her, quite showy. Not in the mood for showy stuff, so here it is almost b/w but not quite. There was very strong back lighting.

Today/work has been - well, I'm not even going there - moving right along......just home, throwing together some dinner for my poor husband who has had two very busy & stressful days with flooding culminating last night with closing the bridge at Kurow. Today he has spent all day down there, in a jet boat assessing damage, & not home yet. We will probably pass in the doorway as I have our frist committee meeting for our photography club tonight. Third night out in a row, no work tomorrow - plum sauce is on the agenda (but you really didn't need to know that)

Too Roo , must fly...... a real lack of commenting this week, just hasn't been the time available....sorry

Rainie :)

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