Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

Snow again but Spring IS nearly here!

Woke to a sprinkling of snow, followed by rain, and then more snow all morning! It is true that it was forecast but I was hoping we would escape. It dried up later. The birds were out in full force, squabbling over the food, despite the plentiful supply at their disposal. I think my favourites are the goldfinches who always come in a group of 6 - 9. They are so colourful.

At lunchtime I called at our neighbours' house. They were out and I took the opportunity to capture some of the spring flowers in their garden. These celandines aconites look lovely with the rain on their leaves. Sadly there was no sun to illuminate the petals.

That did not stop the birds bursting into song when the snow stopped. Please don't build your nest just yet.....

Blipping now because I'll be settling down to watch The Killing on TV later this evening with no interruptions.

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