A time for everything

By turnx3

Little Miami bike trail

This is Mothers Day weekend in the States and so my daughter and son-in-law have come down for the weekend. They also bring their two cats with them, so we have three cats in the house for the weekend! This morning Jenny, Laura and I went to a mother/daughter brunch at our church, which was fun. The weather was sunny today, though cool for the time of year, so after a late lunch Roger, Jenny and I went for a bike ride on the Little Miami trail. We left Laura and Jason studying at home, and Philip was out working. Its a great trail, a disused railway line, extending from Cincinnati up past Yellow Springs - a total of about 70 miles. It was quite popular today being a sunny weekend afternoon. We started at Loveland and headed south for a return trip of about fifteen miles. Thats the most I've done so far this year - I need to get into practice again. We had also thought of going to the Appalachian Festival at Coney Island, but by the time we got back we decided it was a bit late, so we stayed home, had a cookout and played Scattergories instead. The festival's still on tomorrow, but unfortunately the forecast isnt at all good for tomorrow.

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