Sumner bound

I had a lovely walk with JL this morning. It's her birthday today. A quick coffee.

Then off to Sumner to catch up with Rae; it's her birthday too.

We had a nice lunch at Joe's Garage and then a wee walk along the promenade.

I used B's camera, cos mine ran out of battery just as I went to take a shot. The sky was amazing. Using a camera I'm not used to means that I didn't get the shot I'd hoped for. His camera is much better than mine, so I totally acknowledge that it is user limitation!

Sumner is looking so sad after the earthquakes, with cliffs crumbling all over the place and houses perched precariously on the edge of them.

Off to Mass and then home to leftovers. I've got half an hour's work to do and then I'm going to hit the sack.

We've lost an hour today; the clocks have sprung forward.

Yay for spring; Boo for losing an hour!

Night all.

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