Where my blipping began

Well, not here actually, at the south-east corner of the Flodden Wall in Edinburgh, or even where I was today, geographically. However, descriptively it was the same place - in a cafe with Sea Urchin. And like that time in Paris a couple of hours just raced by as we talked about our photography since finishing our studies, about how we were both getting on at this whole 'making a living as a photographer' thing and about our Paris experiences. I was surprised to hear that she had found her time in Paris a little disappointing in some respects. A very different time from my time in Paris. Talking with her I found myself talking so enthusiastically about my two weeks there that it inspired me again to get to work on the book idea I have been playing with in my head for ages. I really will have to get it done, if only to satisfy myself. We also discussed identity and memory and a whole host of other concepts - hopefully we can meet again soon to continue the conversation.
This picture was taken after we had gone our separate ways. Thanks to her I am now a blipper who is always looking for images, and just as importantly TAKING pictures instead of just thinking about them. The Flodden Wall shown here was built following the disastrous defeat suffered by the Scottish army led by King James IV at the hands of the English in 1513. There was a very real fear of an English invasion and therefore Edinburgh's defences were strengthened. There was a also a commercial imperative, to control smuggling into the burgh and therefore the walls included both the Grassmarket and Cowgate areas of the burgh. Although work began in 1514, the walls weren't completed until 1560 when it enclosed 140 acres and protected a population of around 10,000. It remained the limit of the burgh until the 18th century. At the foot of the wall is another of Edinburgh's former police boxes, also repainted in a more interesting fashion.

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