By earthdreamer

Reflecting on Thin Ice

The software update I had to do over the weekend has been a bit of a disaster. My main man is on holiday and I've come to realise just how much I rely upon him. The truth is that I'm not really very good at this methodical, systematic stuff. I'm always saying to people, "just go for it, what's the worst that can happen?", but perhaps that approach isn't best suited to the line of work I'm in! I think I'm pretty good at creating these applications, but actually keep them running and maintained and up to date for thousands of users is a whole different skill set.

Well, I went for it and the worst pretty much has happened! Perhaps my subconscious is getting a certain message across loud and clear!! I woke up to the problems first thing and I never actually made it into the office at all. I wasn't able to escape the desk until late afternoon. It had been raining all day up until then and was still drizzling when I nipped up to the tarn for some air and to hopefully grab some kind of blip. I really thought this was going to be that blip blob day I've been dreading for quite a while now.

But, right on cue, there was a momentary brightening in the weather and I found that half the tarn was still iced over, albeit very thinly. Although it was quite windy the ice offered the protection required to reveal some beautiful reflections. Just after taking this the clouds rolled in again, the light disappeared and the rain started falling. It was the most perfect timing, and I was rather pleased with this end result. Creating this tonight has been the one bright moment in an all around very dull day.

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