By earthdreamer

Wet Confusion

Thanks for the great response to the lenticular clouds yesterday. They even made the news! I'm not sure I've heard of clouds hitting the headlines before, but it reveals just how much they appeal to so many people.

Thanks also for the advice about late-night Christmas shopping. Final client problems sorted out a little while ago and we've been having a few drinks in the office. Now about to dash into Leeds to hit the shops and then a meal with a few work colleagues and their families.

It's been a very wet and miserable day here, so I don't have much to offer other than another mind-bending reflection, this time in a rather big puddle in the park. I do quite like the tricks these images play with your head but I promise no more for a while after this! It does seems appropriate for today, though, because this is something of a metaphor for how my head feels at the moment. I've not looked forward to the Christmas break as much as this for a very long time.

I've had so many wonderful comments this last week, and had very little opportunity to return the compliment. I so look forward to doing that soon!

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