This wee spider wasn't keen to have his/her photo taken. S/he was hiding behind the post in the vege patch. It was no match for my flash though.

I've been getting on with bits and bobs today. I also purchased a wee 50 mm lens. Can't wait for it to arrive tomorrow.

I didn't sleep well last night; my brain just wouldn't switch off. Still, got m workout done this morning and am going to take the dogs for a blast later. Hopefully I'll be tired enough tonight to drift off.

Funny how Pio's personality has changed since Bosco arrived. He used to be aloof, but friendly. Recently, he's become quite grumpy when he doesn't get what he wants. I picked him up last night and shut him in my bedroom. By the time I went to bed, he was fast asleep on my bed; all grumpiness forgotten. He then proceeded to try and 'snuggle' me all night. I think that might have contributed to my lack of sleep. He takes up an inordinate amount of space for one so small!

Anyway, better get back to it.

Hasta Manana.

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