I'd been in touch with my cousin in the US on Tuesday (now I remember something else I did that day!). She arrived this morning for a stay of just over a week, principally to attend a conference of nursing sisters. I'd done some research for her about a hotel to stay in after the main event, and now she wanted advice about tipping and so on. She was talking about getting a courtesy coach from the airport to her conference hotel, but I told her to forget that and that I'd be there to meet her and bring her to the hotel (timing worked out nicely in terms of today's treatment session).

Scheduled arrival time from Atlanta was 9:50 am but the flight actually got in at 9:20 thanks to a tail wind. Finola finally came through to the Arrivals area and off we went for hotel check-in (she's staying in Bewley's 'Airport' Hotel). We had coffee together, I brought her up to speed with a few things to do with her new iPad and off I dashed to get over to St Luke's for today's treatment. Finola and I will meet next week and hopefully manage to have a meal together.

The blip? I liked the way the sunlight was shining through the weirdly shaped windows beside the skimpy arrivals area, and this passenger passed by just as I clicked the (virtual) shutter. I liked this better than the other shot with nobody in it, so that's how it ended up as today's blip.

The rest of the day? Uneventful.

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