A time for everything

By turnx3


We enjoyed beautiful cloud formations during the day today, and I wondered if it might end up with a nice sunset and I wasnt disappointed. Roger and I went walking again after work, this time at Sharon Woods, through the gorge and then round the lake. As we were getting towards the end of the gorge on the way back we could see the sunset through the trees. I took this back at the car, where the view opened out. Foolishly, I took the photo and we set off back home, instead of sitting down to enjoy it, as it got so much better later on!! It seems a long time since we've enjoyed a really nice sunset around here.

Earlier in the day I had been up to Oxford to pick Laura up from Miami University for the weekend. She came home briefly, then went out to meet up with her band friends from high school, and she is currently at the football game.

Many thanks to all those who commented on my last two blips - my 100th and yesterday's completed knitted afghan. You're such a great encouragement!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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