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By Jeanneb53

In the Park

River Aire 5

Bright and breezy and pretty cold but no snow this morning.

We went to get a few essentials in Bingley and took the opportunity to walk through Myrtle Park down to the river.

The River Aire runs through the bottom of the park and as you can see here it was running pretty full after yesterday's horrible, sleety rain. It was nice to see it with a bit of blue from the sun though.

From the park we could also observe the demolition of the Bradford and Bingley ex headquarters building. It seems pretty solid and is taking a bit of doing with these 'nibbler' machines. I have refrained from using this ongoing procedure for blip as I find it rather sad that a place that was very representative of our small town's heritage is meeting it's demise. Not the concrete building itself but what it represented. So many shops are now also empty in the Main Street too. Today we passed two empty banks, a cafe and an ex travel agent. A great shoe shop also closed last Autumn and is now a 'skin' treatment place.There was a sign in the ex travel agent promoting recruitment for a new bar. Don't think either of these are what the Main Street needs. No doubt there will be a big hole too when the B & B is finally demolished.

PS The thumbnail shows the end of a damaged branch with some pretty obvious Woodpecker activity. One of the reasons why I selected this shot.

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