Those Chimneys Again

We had a great night out.  It was a fundraising event for a friend’s nephew who is going to teach in Ghana.  I hope he made lots of money.  I was home at midnight, so not too late, but late enough when we were losing an hour in bed.  I didn’t sleep well for fear of sleeping in – even though I had multiple alarms set.  This included my phone, and I was woken at 4am-ish by a text from TT to tell me that he had arrived at his destination!!  Anyway, it was time to get up before I knew it.  I had to get BB’s stuff for the day sorted out and pick him up from his sleepover by 9am, so I could get him to a Cubs activity day.  He was also weary!  I took him to the sports centre where they were spending the day and I was delighted when a leader asked all the parents to leave the building.  I took the scenic route home, via the coast road.  The light was lovely and the sea was very still.  I would have stopped for a wander, if I hadn’t been expecting a friend to visit.

The idyllic morning changed to rain and wind, so my plan of a wee bit of gardening in the afternoon didn’t materialise.  Once the rain went off, I did go for a short beach wander en route to collecting BB.  It was a complete contrast to the morning.  Windy, chilly and with a bit of rain in the air.  My hands were so cold I could barely operate my camera.  I picked up a weary, but happy, BB.  They had spent the day doing activities towards their athletics badge.  Another badge for me to sew on – but his first at cubs.

He only has one chapter of his reading left to do tonight, but unfortunately I have some work to do.

Here is a view from my bracing beach walk. Although there were lots of clouds, It was very clear and I could see all the way up to the Forth Bridges.

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