Capital adventures

By marchmont


Today, is one of those days when I start again.  Today's restart was about being healthier and fitter. Walk more, stand more, move around the office more and get off the bus earlier.  The first 3 I was mindful of, the last was scuppered by the horrible cold wind and rain which was whipping down the Canongate when I left the office at 7.15.  At least it was light.

And tonight I've sat rooted to my couch less.  Whizzed the vegetable soup I made yesterday and finally got the new slow cooker down form the top of the cupboard.  Beef curry with loads of garlic and ginger and chilli.  Dry roasting the spices made the eyes water. It will taste wonderful, I hope.

And now it's nearly April.  How did that happen?  It's cold, it's wet, the flowers aren't growing and I'm planning to garden this weekend, fingers crossed. 

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