... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Goosles See Off An Interloper

More impressive in large.

Mr's amazing! An interloper Egyptian goose flew over Eagle Pond so he and Mrs. went straight into their impressive territorial display: they both stood up tall and spread their wings and cackled and barked, and the interloper kept on its way. 
Don't mess with Goosles! 
Speaking of which, the Canada goose is being a complete bully: the female is nesting in the Goosles's tree on the island (which means that they can't use it), and the male is marauding about and chasing them from the pond whenever he can... It is about 4 times their size so there isn't much that they can do, but I walk it away whenever it has a go at them.

Others are on Flickr (right from here).
Goosles and their island (in the background)
Goosles grazing (with pigeons)

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