A day out with my daughter and granddaughter today; it ended up being a rather longer day than we anticipated.
Eye tests for both of them and then the last visit to the orthodontist for Victoria. That was in Bishop’s Stortford (ten miles south of us) and then we went shopping in Cambridge (twenty miles north of us) as Victoria was not at school today.
We had lunch in Prezzo, I had only been to our local Prezzo once, a very long time ago and I had not been back as I was not impressed. Today in Cambridge it was a different story, they were very clued up about gluten-free food and have suitable pasta and pizza. I decided on the arrabbiata pasta and went for the ‘lighter’ option; it is a smaller portion of pasta served with a side salad. I struggled to eat all of the pasta so I dread to think how big a ‘normal’ one would be.
Today’s picture, taken with my iPhone shows our meals. Victoria had a VIP pizza, which turned out to be huge; did she eat it all? Almost, including all the topping, but not quite all of the base.
Today’s picture should have been of my ‘one tree’, but blipping this meal had to be done today; the tree will make its appearance tomorrow.

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