An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Moaning Minny....

I'm not going into the detail of how sore my back has been today as quite frankly, I am fed up of listening to myself moaning about it.

Suffice to say I've spent the day upstairs and just managed to have my shower. My hair is like a bird's nest and I'm bent over like an old crone. David is about to rub my back with Deep Heat. Twenty five years married and I'm still providing the thrills. Hahahaha!

He has kept me supplied with lots of goodies including painkillers and a fab magazine. Think he's bringing a gun if I'm not any better tomorrow. And no, I haven't misspelt gin there :-))

Almost blipped a self portrait but you've done nothing to deserve that. Instead you have my dangly necklaces just because they were there in front of my phone as I sat on the stool at my dressing table trying to work out how to get from there, back to bed, without shouting the F word that appears to have made up the sum total of my spoken words today.

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