An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Baby Steps...

David had to go into work today so nothing else for it but to get up at 6.00am so I had time to get showered and dressed before he left for work.

My back is a bit better today, mainly thanks to David who noticed that the spasm in my back seems to strike whenever my left foot is in front of my right, so I am now stepping forward with my right foot and taking a baby step with my left and no agonising spasm!  Hooray!

Managed to get downstairs and have been taking it fairly easy.  Have spent most of my time emailing Alan's Occupational therapist about the equipment we need to hire for him when we go on holiday (portable hoist, ramps, bed guard to name a few) and the reservations manager of the holiday house we're renting.  

It's all looking hopeful that we can hire the equipment there rather than have to take it with us (hardly any room left for luggage!) and Mick, the man who owns the house we're renting in France, is going to make wheelchair ramps for us to use.  What a star!  They really couldn't be more helpful.

Wish I could say I have a relaxing evening ahead but Linsey the physio is coming to give my back a pommelling and go over some exercises I can do to strengthen it.   I suspect the painkillers will be swallowed like sweeties afterwards and the air will be honking of Deep Heat.....although she says she's bringing Tiger Balm, whatever that is.

Wish me luck!!!  :D  

PS Today's blip is one of the roses from the two bunches that David bought me to cheer me up.  He really is the best! 

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