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The Spitfires

Boots, Bayonets and Belles is the name of the WWII event at Belsay Hall this weekend. I've never been to one of these re-enactments so I decided to go along and see why they are so popular.

It was a glorious day and lots of families came along. The children loved the assault course; it was suitable for quite young children so most could join in. The Home Guard were on duty to take everyone through their paces.

I found the atmosphere discomforting. Some soldiers were dressed as Germans - they were the ones who were shot at.  No one said anything about the horrors of war or the lives lost. It was too jolly for me.

I did enjoy listening to The Spitfires a musical trio who brought us songs from the 30s and 40s. They sang well. Part way through wails of a 6 month old baby brought the set to a brief standstill, until Mum left a duo to continue while she fed the little one. Excellent.

Later the women modelled wartime clothes, including underwear and nightwear and gave lots of information about rationing and beauty treatments, use a bit of marg on your face as a moisturiser.

The garden was, as always, beautiful and I enjoyed a short walk around Crag Wood before returning home and making cauliflower cheese for dinner.

It's been sunny for most of the day.

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