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By walkingMarj

"Ne'er cast a clout 'til May be out"

I've known this aphorism for as long as I can remember. My maternal grandmother was very keen on it and Mum says it every year.  Is it the end of May or it is the flowering of the hawthorn? No one seems sure.

I have long since cast my thermal vests this year. Today I did not revert to wearing one, but I did add an extra layer under my jacket and put on my warm waterproof trousers before venturing out this afternoon.

I was going to the village cricket club's family event this afternoon. Fortunately I saw a notice in the shop window to say that it was cancelled. In truth, the wind was gale force and any attempt to bowl a ball would have been thwarted.

Capturing any wild flowers was tricky because of the wind. I was determined to find some hawthorn blossom and had to wait impatiently for the wind to drop.

I walked for nearly 5 miles. I am not at all fit, so I just need to do more!

And May is nearly out...........

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