What's THAT???

"Hey, Mum!  What's THAT???"  (Says little calf to its mum)…."Is it a little lamb?"

"No, Love, that's just a little poodle.  Don't pay it any notice!"

We walked around the lake again this evening and found the cows we'd seen a few days ago (see the blip from June 14).  Most of them ignored us completely (unlike last week), but this little one seemed very curious about Dolly and watched her for the longest time.  

Two extra photos are from our walk this evening.  I was going to choose the one with the goose in the sunset, but decided not to as it was too similar to my blip from last Monday.  But you can see we like this spot for watching sunsets!  There's a perfect little ledge to sit on (where the fishermen usually set up) while we watch the sun go down.  Even Dolly seems to enjoy it!  (see extra photo)

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