Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


The picture for my blip has been taken at 9:40pm which is the time we walked into the Peugeot showroom to see a man (Sid) about secondhand car deals and a possible trade-in of Gs car. Ramadan hours mean some businesses work again from 8pm to midnight as they close in the afternoon.

Sid was very helpful and polite but didn't really have anything in Gs budget and she has yet to find out what they reckon the old car is worth. It was so late when we left here; we called in at the nearest shawarma place (see extra) we know (Eat & Drink in Jumeirah) to get our dinner. By then, it was close to 11pm!

And before all this, we left home at 10:15 for church; then called in at Lamcy for lunch (their food court has been cordoned off) and then, we headed for Ikea as there are a few "projects" we want done at home. I want to put shelves in the Utility room and G wanted a few bits and pieces for the kitchen. I thought it would be quiet on a Friday afternoon when people would be sleeping, but it was absolutely heaving; so much so, it was actually had to get around and took forever to get the few things we wanted.

We then went over to Hyper Panda as a TV we were looking at on Wednesday has come into stock. It comes with a gift voucher and I can't believe how long it took to spend the amount of the gift voucher. Ugh! With a bit of coordinating and planning, we came away with a new blu-ray player, a popcorn maker and two new DVDs to watch! It all fitted in with the new TV!

Got back home and the challenge now was to get all of it up to the flat. Fortunately, G spotted a supermarket trolley left by someone, so I loaded it up and made several trips to bring them all in. Then, I could not help myself start to assemble the two items that needed it. A side table and a kitchen trolley. The kitchen trolley challenged me to the limit and I gave up in the end, especially as G had a call from a man who looks after the used car division of Peugeot. It was late, and we were both tired, but we had to go and see what he had as I have arranged tomorrow morning, to meet someone about a second hand gearbox and it will be better to know what's out there in order to make a decision! What a crazy day. I seemed to have enough energy for it, but poor G had had more than enough!

PS. It is probably a very normal thing, but I have never seen cars so tightly parked anywhere! I am told that it takes just a few minutes to get any car out for a test drive.

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