My blip tonight might have been an indoor shot of Zéphirine Drouhin. The rose buds have unfurled beautifully and I've been enjoying their deep pink colour and lovely smell, but in the end the Astrantia won. I like the spiky abstract form of the Astrantia and managed to take quite an interesting image of one last year.

It's been a day of clearing up bits of paper and recycling old work paper today. After a poor nights sleep, which is very unusual for me, I didn't manage to get started on today's decorating task. Though at least I can see the table top again in the conservatory now. There's still plenty of dust and cobwebs on the window ledge though - next job!!

After yesterdays heavy rain and flash floods (Oz rain - not UK rain) our roads have been left covered in mud, stones and vegetation. I didn't take my camera when I went to the post box or the mud covered road might have been today's blip. Another cold and very grey day today. We now have the central heating on.

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