A Moment of Morning Magic

Dear Diary,

It is good to get up early for the light is wonderful and the air cool and refreshing.  I decided to break a rule this morning and shoot into the sun which was coming up behind the grasses in my garden and doing some wonderful things with the color and misty light.

When I majored in photography back in the late 1970's in college we were taught all sorts of "rules" for what would or would not make a "good" photograph.  Along the way I've broken most of those rules and was happy with the result most of the time.  The wonderful work and teaching of photographer Freeman Patterson liberated me from rule based thinking in my camera work.  He called it "thinking sideways".

When you think sideways you will find new ways to see your subject matter and you will stumble upon discoveries and happy accidents.  Abandon your normal premises and go on a search for new ones.
- Photography and the Art of Seeing

Photographers are artists and as such are free to express themselves as they see fit.  This photograph may not be technically perfect but it is perfect to the feeling I had standing by the grasses and for that reason it is a perfect expression of the moment.

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