Last Tree Standing

Will the last tree to leave the site please pack away the chain saw!!

I have blipped this area currently undergoing development before - one blip featuring a dead tree.  The dead tree is now more a collection of very large logs - I suppose that was inevitable and it was actually dead - but there now remains only the one tree. It is a beautiful oak that has been growing there for a long time and I fear it will not be long before a few hours with a chainsaw renders it to a pile of saw dust!  Maybe, just maybe, it is the one tree that will remain standing but I am not holding out many hopes.

I have intended to create a dramatic effect with the use of an infrared filter - I 'do' Drama Queen quite well!!

I go away again tomorrow - Spain for 10 days - and fear for the safety of this tree.  Perhaps I should spend the time chained to the tree - I would at least get into the local paper but I fear it would not be of any use. The developers always win as money talks louder than anything else.

I am sure the people who live in the new houses to be built and who will drive along the new road that will be created will appreciate the sacrifice now being made.

I must stop now before I really get into my ranting stride - and pack that suitcase!

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