… it must be time to service the boiler!  Once a year, when our boiler needs servicing, I just send a text to our lovely plumber, Mark Lewis, and say “I think it’s bacon buttie time” and he texts me back a date and time - it works well for us - we get a good job done and Mark gets a free breakfast or lunch - depending on the time - or today it was a free brunch.  I did tell him I was surprised he hadn’t shaved, because he should have known he would be my blip for today!  

So here is Mark, with his designer stubble, enjoying his bacon butties and a cup of tea - and of course, sitting in the sun in the conservatory - it’s the warmest room in the house at the moment, as we haven’t had any heating on this morning. 

I slept well once I eventually got to sleep - no thanks to the idiot on a motorbike who uses the roundabout outside our house as a race track - going over so far that he makes sparks on the road.  I am pleased to say that the jallop (otherwise known as revolting tasting medicine) I bought from Boots yesterday is beginning to work and the gunk is clearing off my chest, but I still feel worn out from coughing.  But I am confident that “this too shall pass” and as Mr. HCB so kindly put it last night - “At least you will have got it over before Christmas” - I certainly hope so!

If you have a
     reliable plumber (√)
          a great hairdresser (√) and
               a wonderful dentist (√)
hang on to them - they are like gold dust!
© MI 9/12/15

Many thanks for all your kind comments once again - I hope to get back to commenting very soon.  

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