Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Been to the beach...

Had a good start to the day and got some things done for the flat... like moving across phone & internet line. The team doing the finishing all came down with the same ailment today and nothing got done towards finishing (no comments please - its not my fault!)

An interesting day but nothing to prepare for the bombshell that hit us towards the end of the work day. Can't say much but it required a trip to the beach to stare at the sunset and chat over some huge things. So this is the end of what turned out to be a day that brought awful news.

Took my camera along to get a different blip. Tired of moving ones; and just realised that I've never blipped a sunset - yet! I took several pics - some with deeper colours, but chose this one because of the two fully clad ladies who walked into the frame. Made it much more interesting as there are some genuine bathers there too.

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