Capital adventures

By marchmont

Moon Festival

My last day in KL, for now.  It was an early start and a tense one.  we had to drive over an hour south of KL to the cemetery for the final funeral ceremonies for #1 d in l's grandmother. the ceremonies take place at intervals and this, the last one at 3 months after the death means she is finally one of the ancestors.  

It was a tense start though as #1 d in l and #1 son were not communicating and both were tired.  However, after a bit of toing and froing we set off and reached the place in good time.  It is a huge cemetery, covering hillsides.  There are Hindu sections, Christian sections, pet sections and Buddhist sections.  We were going to the Buddhist section.  

The Buddhist nun led the obsequies with food and drink and pretend money and much burning of offerings and incense.  I did take part for a bit but it was difficult to follow.  The haze continues and we could look directly at the sun it was so shrouded. After about an hour at the graveside we drove back to Cheras, the grandmother's home, for more ceremonies and food.  the interesting thing about the gravestones is that the names of the people who will be buried there are already on the stones so Kee Fun's name is there and the colour of the inscription will change once she dies. 

Back at the house there was chat and Fang had some acupuncture on her leg muscles.  She is in 'training' to run the KL Marathon in a couple of weeks.  (As this is a back blip I can tell you it was cancelled due to the haze, but she got the medal anyway!)

Later we went to Block Chamomile for the Moon Festival dinner. We'd bought moon cakes in the afternoon, for here, for me and for home.  It was a lovely meal complete with Guinness for Kee Fun and wine for me! Then a moon festival lantern. Olivia's first.

And then eventually, with Olivia home and in bed, it was time for me to leave, off to Sentral for the late train down to KLIA.  And that's another visit over.  I miss them.

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