Today I had to go to work with Ann so she said, ‘Molly, we’ll walk the long route to work and we’ll walk the long route home and that will be two good walks for you.’

But do you know what?.....................  Firstly I didn’t eat my breakfast.  And then when we started our walk, I was walking slower than a snail.  So Ann said, ‘OK Molly, we’ll shorten the long route.’  Which meant we got to work mega early!

And as soon as I got into the office I just flopped down for a little snooze.    Ann’s wondering if I’ve over exerted myself with all my chasing yesterday.

Anyway, Saturday is usually my day for going to my dog sitters, (the very lovely Christian), but I haven’t been there for a while because Christian’s wife isn’t very well and Ann doesn’t want him to have the extra hassle of looking after a neurotic collie.  I don’t think I’m neurotic?!!  Going ballistic at skateboarders, posties & buses is just normal collie behaviour. Right?!!!

But guess what happened today?.......................  I’d just been out for ‘toileting purposes’, and had settled down for another snooze, when Christian phoned Ann and asked if I’d like to go for a walk.  Christian is my most favourite man in the whole world.  He came and got me and took me out for an hour or so.  And when we got back to the office Ann wanted to Blip us together but I was too tired to sit in ‘posing position’.  I just flopped down on the rug and then rolled over onto my back so that Christian could tickle my tummy.

And when Ann finished work at 5pm, we just walked the direct route home so Ann hasn’t walked anywhere near her target of 15000 steps a day??!!  I got my dinner as soon as I got home but I’m not hungry.  I snoozed on the sofa for about half an hour and now I’m snoozing in my bed and my dinner has gone untouched???

Ann is worried??!!!

I have to admit, I am very tired but do you know what she said to me?...................  She said, ‘Molly, I’m having chicken casserole for dinner and if you haven’t eaten your dinner by the time I’ve made it, then you can have a little bit.’

Yummmmmmmmmmm!  A little snooze in my bed, followed by chicken casserole sounds perfect to me?????????????????????????

Happy Saturday Night blippers xxx

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