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By walkingMarj

Thursday so far

I'm writing this during an afternoon rest so there may be more to say later.

My alarm went off and I assumed I had left it on from yesterday; then reality dawned. My plan was to be in St Mark's Square before dawn. I made it.

People were out sweeping the streets and tidying up. Soon I started to encounter les poseurs who were ready and willing to be photographed.

If you talk to them and show them images, they are happy to move for you and hand out their cards. All they want is to be photographed and no money changes hands.

I thought you might like to see one couple who placed themselves perfectly for the classic shot.

I have added 2 extras to yesterday because I know that some people were keen to see the masks.

I found the technical side of the photography challenging, never mind trying to be artistic amongst a horde of other photographers!!!

Sunny and fine all day.

PS I've added 2 more images from today to show some of the huge variation in the costumes.

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